Kiam Marcelo Junio
Mirrors, 2011

Work List

Letters I’ll Never Send
     Letter to the Bluest Eyes in Texas
     Letter to a Shadow
     Letter to my Dead Mother
     Letter to an Absent Father
     Letter to the One Who Got Married

(Acrylic, mixed media, post-its)

(Video installation, mixed media)

Artist Statement

My current body of work explores themes of self-construction and deconstruction through reflection - both the figurative contemplation of one’s internalized history, and the literal representation of one’s form through reflective media.  I have used different formats to aid in this inquiry.

The series “Letters I’ll Never Send” consists of highly personal notes addressed to pivotal figures in my life, with whom I have no contact.  The letters are etched onto mirrored acrylic surfaces, allowing the viewer to see his or her visage while reading the letters.  This allows for a conversation between the audience and artist, as the viewer takes on the role of the addressed subject. 

The “I Am” project is a movable street installation which also uses mirrored acrylic sheets.  The project includes small post-its on which passersby can write their own thoughts to address the statement “I AM.”  The variety of responses show a sampling of the self-reflective thoughts in each location.

By its very nature, video acts as a mirror, but with delayed response.  Recording one’s own form and voice can be unsettling, and in the Untitled piece, I aim to use it to break down the barrier between the roles of artist and audience.  


Heidi Norton
Jaime Steele
Aiden Simon
Mario Bucca
Bianca Medina
Annie Le-Moussou
SAIC Advanced Output Center

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